Who I Am

i’m Alex Wong

Website Ownership

Ownership - Web Scurity - Branding - Coding


Ashita Communication Sdn Bhd owns an official website for a decade long under the domain ahsita.com.my. We were requested to look into their website expansion, mailing system, security and ownership matters which we found out flaws and solved it.

My Task

  • Domain ownership reclaim
  • Revamp the website
  • Enhanced security
  • Create a mailing system platform
  • Annual backup system on our server

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Well done Alex Wong! This guy is Really amazing.

Thanks for the hardwork and time spend on reclaiming our official website ownership and propose a simple yet efficient system to us. I am glad that he is sincere enough and guide us a proper way and a better cost saving to solve our issues.

Sherly - Ashita Founder